The Jacobite Sword Dance

A Traditional Scottish Dance for Two Men

Collected by Mary Isdale MacNab of Vancouver, Canada

Music: March: Johnnie Cope, Strathspey: Wha Wad'na Fecht for Charlie, Reel: O'er the Water to Charlie.

Formation: Two men, dancing to crossed swords; No. 1 man at 1, No. 2 man at 3.

Starting Formations

Abbreviations: M = man; W = woman; RF= right foot; LF = left foot

First Step:

Bars 1-2: Disassemble onto LF pointing RP in 3rd (1), hop LF extending RF to 2nd aerial and spring RF displacing LF to 2nd aerial (&2), hop RF taking LF to 3rd rear aerial (3), step onto heel of LF toward 2nd position and close RF to 5th rear (&4)

Brought from France to Scotland in the 17th Century. Collected in Ontario, Canada, in 1917.

There is also a snapshot of the original instructions: front page, page 1 and page 2.

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