Highland Fling from Hill manuscript, Aberdeen 1841.

Marquis of Huntly's

also known as "Ladies Ancient Fling"

These are taken from a typewritten sheet in the collection of Alan Paterson.

1st step: Spring out into 2nd position, up behind and 2 shakes before.
3 times done, R. and L. alternately.

Close: Spring out, up behind, before, behind going round.

2nd step: Round to L., point up twice before with R.
4 times done going round to L. and R. reciprocally (sic).
3rd step: Spring out up behind, then use toe & heel to the floor. 3 times done (R. L. R.). Close. Repeat (L. R. L.)
4th step: Spring out up behind and before, cast up the L.
3 times done (R. L. R.). Close. Repeat (L. R. L.)
5th step: Up behind with R. and L., up behind, before, behind with R. then behind L. and R, again.
Close. Repeat.
6th step: Point up before and 2 back steps. Hop. Spring out up behind, before, behind. All done with R.
Close and repeat.
7th step: Spring cut up behind, before, behind. 3 times done R. and L. and R
Close and repeat.
Last step: Up before with R. and L. - spring out up behind, before, behind and 4 steps back.
Close and repeat.

Also called Ladies Ancient Fling.

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