Popular dances

Compiled by Dianna Shipman

I've been keeping a tabulation of popular dances based on (1) dances voted as favorites by the Strathspey server newsgroup (with over 400 dancers around the world on the list), (2) dances voted favorites by subscribers to my weeky email letter, and (3) programs from socials and balls taken from internet sites or emailed to me (primarily covering the last 18 mos.). Feel free to vote for favorite dances if you haven't yet and/or to email copies of programs your group has done in the last 18 mos. (if your group is not already listed at the bottom of this email). It would be helpful if you put the city, state and country on any emails sent. Send emails to diannashipman@worldnet.att.net.

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The listing is based on votes and dance programmes from the following sources. To get your vote or programme(s) included in the listing, please mail them to Dianna Shipman.

Listing compiled by Dianna Shipman and prepared by Ian Brockbank.

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